cropped-nothing-2nd-logo-0011.jpegThe Poverty Truth Network exists to help nurture and develop the work of local Poverty Truth Commissions across the United Kingdom. Since the first Poverty Truth Commission was established in Scotland in 2009, new PTCs have been springing up across the United Kingdom. Most of these operate at a city-wide/ regional level and are hosted by local organisations and institutions.

Over the last two years it has been increasingly apparent that there is a need to develop a network for the commissions. This acts as a contact point for people to find out about the work of the commissions, harness the collective voice of commissioners and seeks to support new opportunities.

The network has four key tasks.

  1. We help to nurture new Poverty Truth Commissions. For anyone interested in setting up a commission we offer an accompanier who has facilitated a Poverty Truth Commission to help explore whether it is appropriate to run a Poverty Truth Commission in their area.
  2. We network the existing commissions by bringing together commissioners on an annual basis and providing peer support for facilitators.
  3. We pay attention to emerging themes from across the commissions to find ways in which their collective voice may be able to bring change.
  4. We engage with other organisations and movements in the UK that are seeking to respond to the impact of poverty.

If you are interested in setting up a Poverty Truth Commission in your area or would like to find out more about our work then please contact us.